Come To

Collab EP with APORIE

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This release is dedicated to the current Black Lives Matter movement and
anti-racist and anti-discrimination movements all over the world in general.

All proceeds of this release will forever go to:

Black LGBTQIA + Migrant Project
(providing education, community building, support and cash assistance during COVID 19 to Black LGBTQIA +migrants)

Sea Watch
(rescuing migrants out in the Mediterranean Sea)

Woke Kindergarten
(creating educational resources for black children to dismantle racism and oppression)

While current global events are characterized by shock, uncertainty, and unrest,
they also provide a chance for positive change and justice as well.
This release aims to contribute optimism in these times while supporting organizations
and projects committed to this change.

Music: APORIE & No Translation
Artwork: Emma Palm (No Translation)
Mixing / Mastering: Olivier Haas (APORIE)

Released July 3, 2020